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Uploaded 19th Jan 2022 at 6:53 AM

Hey Simmers,
it's a BIG day for Rudi.
After years of CC- and Mod-Consuming, it's time for my first upload.

Recently I placed this aquarium in my living room and my Sims got offended by
this abomination of a pattern on the bottom of my new favorite fish tank.
So had to get rid of it. It took three small photoshop edits and a very small learning curve,
voila my first mod/edit was born. Since I'm a beneficiary of so many mods from
this awesome community, the time was right to give something back.

To make this edit work, you need to have the Store Content Tropical Aquarium from Sunlit Tides Gold installed
But wait: only install one of the files
#1 is a default replacemant of the original aquarium
#2 is a non default replacemant, so you'll have acces to the original version an my version as well.

I dearly hope you enjoy it and your digitial fishy friends as well.

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