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Favourite Tee – T-shirt from The Queen’s Gambit for teen-elder

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2022 at 9:02 AM
This is the second part in my Beth Harmon/Queen’s Gambit project: a simple T-shirt which Beth can be seen wearing several times during the show. Like many of the outfits from the show, this shirt is inspired by chess, with the simple black and white division mirroring the clear divisions on a chessboard.

  • For females teen-elders
  • It’s a top that can be found under Everyday, Formal and Career. It is not enabled for random
  • The T-shirt is maternity enabled for all ages, teen-elder
  • It has 3 recolourable channels and comes with 3 different presets and custom thumbnails

LOD1: 3456
LOD2: 1721
LOD3: 863

LOD1: 3478
LOD2: 1745
LOD3: 874

LOD1: 3498
LOD2: 1755
LOD3: 867

Model credits:
Skin: Kurasoberina
Eyes: Brntwaffles
Adult Hair: Plumdrops
Teen Hair: Plumdrops
Elder Hair: Anubis
Elder Pants: Simplexsims
Watch: Aroundthesims3
Poses: Elexis/k2m1too

Additional Credits:
The Queen and the Crown – a virtual exhibition featuring some of the outfits from The Queen’s Gambit, which was a huge help