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Feed Your Pets: Feedable Live Aliens

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2022 at 7:37 PM
Updated: 29th Nov 2022 at 2:43 PM
ANNOUNCEMENT! I will no longer be posting new mods on MTS! I'll still maintain the ones here with bug fixes and major updates, but all updates and new mods will be posted on my Website and Patreon (link in profile)

Just like my Feedable Frogs, you can now feed the live aliens. It works exactly the same: Every 8 hours Teen-Elder sims can feed the frogs and get a 4 hour happy buff. It also gives a bit of a Responsibility boost. There is an addon for Children to feed the aliens as well, but it's not currently basegame compatible and requires Eco Lifestyle.

Plus: Squeamish sims get a different buff and GTW aliens get their own custom buffs and the option to talk to the alien pet!

This overrides the tuning of the EA objects, giving them my custom tuning. It will conflict with anything else that modifies that tuning, such as ShortE815's Name Frogs and Live Aliens. But the good news is that I've added naming to my mod as well so you shouldn't need that anymore.

This affects all Basegame live aliens, but I didn't screenshot them all because that would be tedious for me and redundant for you. They all work the same.

Update 11/29/22:
  • Added missing Polish string from Aarathiel
  • Updated the FeedPetsChild addon to work with my Feedable Insects mod. I'll be updating this to v1.4.1 on my other MTS mods as well but you only need to download it once.

Past Updates:

The new strings are in:
  • English
  • French
  • Polish
  • Russian
I don't speak any languages nearly well enough to translate this myself so I welcome any translations that anyone can offer and will credit all translators.

Requirements & Compatibility
  • Ilex_ALL_FeedPetsShared is required for all of my Feed Your Pets mods
  • Probably obvious, but to get the custom GTW alien buff you'll need to be playing as a GTW alien. GTW isn't required for the mod to work, just for those buffs to appear.
  • To see the Squeamish buff you'll need Outdoor Retreat or Misery Traits. Nothing will break if you don't have those, but the buff will never be triggered.

  • FeedPetsChild requires Eco Lifestyle for the animation. If I find a better animation this addon will be removed.

Known issues
  • Yes, the buff icon is a squid. I'm not an artist so it was the best thing I found. If you've got a better suggestion I welcome it
  • The animations don't look exactly like they're going in the tank but use your imagination. I'm not an animator so I've gotta work with what already exists.

Future plans
  • Find a basegame compatible animation for kids
  • An alternate version that includes a food object
  • If you know of any other custom traits that should get the Squeamish buff let me know!

Thank you!
  • Vanessa Sims - French translation
  • JOKERS - Polish translation (Discord: JOKERS#6159)
  • SER_KISYAN - Russian translation
  • Aarathiel - Polish translation