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Strangetown Prefab Apartment Cabins

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Uploaded: 25th Jan 2022 at 4:48 PM
Hello! This is a nice park of old southern-style wagons perfect for a country-themed town.
The apartments are designed in two-bedroom units and are affordable, as it is designed for sims who are running from ufos or the law, there is nice gardening outside and a neighborhood grill area, also a dilapidated tower with room gym, a balcony with chess and yes, telescopes! Since after all there is an excellent sighting. Probably we found here Bella but she's do not included.


Construction: Cheap Opprobrium Condominium

Architecture: Waggon Park

Style: County vintage

Gardening: Moderate, no need for irrigation

Foundation: Yes

Luxuries: Gym, Grill, Gazebo.

Tricks used: moveobjects

Living spaces; 4 apt units with two rooms or studio

Price for rent: [[ §»889 - §»1,072 ]]

Note: Forgive my homely English, I'm a Prickly Sombrero and we are almost illiterate.

Eat your beans, and clean your boots ruddy duddy! ;#)


Tanks a lot to: Mootilda through CleanInstaller, Turn ON/OFF lights.