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Lemon Posset - A Corner House with Working Side Garage

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2022 at 5:02 AM
Lemon Posset, named after the British dessert that shares its creamy lemon color, is a medium-sized variation of a suburban New England colonial home. Unlike traditional colonials, its entrance is off-center, not symmetrical, which creates a right to left flow through the home. When you enter, there is a sitting area with a bohemian fireplace. There is no formal dining room, rather a table that can work for meals both casual and fancy. The whole room opens to the kitchen, which has ample counter space for big meals, and doors to the back patio. Returning to the front of the house, the first room off the entrance is the library, which has French double doors to the large family room that will be great for entertaining.

Up the stairs, a hallway brings you to the bedrooms. The primary bedroom is complete with a walk-in closet, full bath, and balcony. Of the other two bedrooms, one is designed for a teen sim and the other a child, and both contain full bathrooms. Another staircase (hidden away in the roofline) takes you to the attic, which is a sort of hobby room / visiting relative room hybrid. This, too has a full bathroom, bringing the total number to 4.5

Beautiful flowerbeds surround the house (buy some sprinklers!), with the sunflowers off the back of the house offering a sliver of protection for those out on the patio. The patio may be modest, but the backyard has ample space for a garden, pets, or other outdoor activities. The detached garage has room for one vehicle and a workbench, and the adjacent carport can accommodate two others. Best of all, it is fully functional! See below for more details.

Housekeeping & Notes on the Side Garage
I haven't built a TS2 residential lot from scratch in more than a decade. So this lot started as an experiment to see if I could utilize the LotAdjuster tool, rotatable driveways, and garage doors to make a fully functional corner lot. I hadn't seen this done before, but I doubt that I'm the first to attempt it. After my tests proved successful and the driveway worked as it would normally, I started constructing a structure around the garage and the house slowly came together from there. It was a fun return to this type of building, with some stealth CFE thrown in for good measure

The below image is my attempt to diagram the different portals for sims and vehicles. I playtested a copy for multiple days and had no issues. Sims will appear from either side and will cross the street when leaving towards the right. Vehicles will spawn from both sides (carpools moving right to left, service vehicles moving left to right, as normal). The only known "issue" is that vehicles may appear to drive over the grass when exiting to the right. This has no effect on gameplay other than realism, and is obviously avoided if you place the lot on the corner of a 4-way intersection.

Sims' driveway/garage vehicles will use the vertical road, not the horizontal road used by carpools and service vehicles.

Custom Content Shown But Not Included
The file includes a light amount of CC, and all included files are visible in the screenshots. Info is below. The only items I'd consider essential for the lot to look the same are the two wall exterior wall textures and the OFB fence recolor. Please note: PiaNouka's Grey Brick texture was originally part of a TS2 Exchange upload which is no longer available.

There are items shown in the preview pictures that are not included in the file. They are not essential for the lot to function, though you may download them if you wish.
-Ford Mustang 1965 by Virtual Jack. File can be downloaded from this archive of Vitasims
-Tofunda Kombii 3t2 by Gingers Sims. Available on Tumblr
-Roof Trim Defaults (Gray with white trim shown) by Phaenoah. Available at MTS

Extra special thanks to Mootilda for the LotAdjuster tool, which made this corner lot possible. And to the creators of all the wonderful CC.