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[Villianize] Hype Friends and Loved Ones

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2022 at 4:09 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm Villianize. While playing the Sims I noticed the interaction "Ask to Hype" was only available to be used for sims within the played sims household. It became problematic for my style of playing the game since my sim's wife was not in his household and acted like a fan every time they spent time together. Because of this situation I made this mod so that players can use the "Ask to Hype" interaction on their friends and loved ones.

For those who are unfamiliar what the "Ask to Hype" interaction does, it's in interaction from Sims 4 Get Famous that increases the fame of the chosen sim. With this, your sims friends can all be in the spotlight together even if they don't live under the same roof.

How to use:
When playing as your celebrity sim, click a sim of your choosing, and click the "Celebrity" category. In there you will find the "Ask to Hype" interaction (You'll know it as the one that has the "Fame+" next to it). Once you click the interaction and your sim begins speaking with the other sim, a menu will show up that shows sims your sim is friends and or romantic with. You can then choose who you want to have hyped. Once that is done the sim you chose will get an increase in fame.

[Values Changed]
The default values are 6.8 and 12. They have been changed to 150 and 250 for this interaction.
This was done so players would not need to hype sims hundreds of times to rank up.