Breakfast Is Served! this is a set of edible breakfast foods

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Uploaded 9th Feb 2022 at 5:05 AM · Updated 9th Feb 2022 at 2:59 PM by dinadine

This is a set of 8 different fast food breakfast items. These are morsels so they require World adventures to be edible. The meshes are made by me and the textures are images from google, photoshop, paint and me. I hope you will enjoy!

Sausage biscuits
$3 816f 464v
4 presets

Sausage egg biscuits
$4 992f 612f

waffle egg and sausage
$4 2496f 1414v

breakfast burrito
$4 434f 261v
3 presets

sausage link biscuits
$4 1442f 918v

sausage link waffle
$4 2934f 1719v
2 presets

Hash browns
$2 664f 402v

Sausage egg croissant
$4 1440f 918v