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Scalp and Hairline Overlay Box

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Uploaded: 11th Feb 2022 at 12:22 AM
Updated: 12th Feb 2022 at 11:34 AM
Scalp and hairline (face) overlay box in 14 colours, available for Sims of all ages.
Base-game compatible, I think?

This was a collab with DeeDee, who put the box together.
These overlays can improve the look of many CC hairs, and some TS2 hair - but not all !
It will only work, when combined with hair that uses a standard scalp, like the "bald hair".

Please note this is NOT a CAS item.


You need to place the box object on the lot.
Mesh looks like hair-trimming accessories.

You'll find it in: Buymode/General/Dressers , cost: 25 S (polycount: 501)

Select a Sim, click on the box object, choose Add... and pick a scalp colour from the menu.
Remove it, before you apply a different colour.
* There are 14 overlays included, but you don't have to use all of them. Only available shades will be displayed.

I've also included a shine-less "bald hair" texture default for both genders.
It is optional, and it will only be useful if you'd like to use the overlays as actual hair.

* A png texture is included, in case you'd like to replace some of the existing overlays in SimPE.
Adding new overlay items is much, much more complicated.


Scalps are based on No Valentine hair texture by @BillieLith , with permission
(thanks again Billie )