Cheeky PT Set (Multi-PT)

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Uploaded: 28th Feb 2022 at 2:26 PM
I wanted some cute-yet-severe PTs for my BaCC, so I made these! They're all quite similar with some variation between them so that I wouldn't be caught too off-guard by a particularly monstrous baby. I included pictures of their offspring, from each of the four PTs and two fathers. They're odd and slightly inhuman without being overly cartoony and they all turned out pretty distinct.

The .zip includes the four PTs, the Multi-PT kit file, a labeled preview, and the non-default versions of their skintone and eyes. Both versions of Pyxis' skintone are included because I don't quite recall which one I used. I didn't include MDPthatsme's sci-fi suit conversion and my PTs are all packaged with it. They all wear the green-and-white suit.

If you're as new to this as I am and would like to goof around and make your own set, here's the resources I used:

fwiffo's original multi-pt kit post with download

simagroop illustrated tutorial on the wayback machine since the page now isn't presently displaying the images.

a fix for the broken GUID generator in SimPE which was very helpful.