Tourism Signs for Each Sims World

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Uploaded: 22nd Feb 2022 at 10:38 AM
The SimTourism Bureau knows you want to promote your favorite Sims worlds, so we are providing you (at VERY low cost) these large tourism ads in three different Build/Buy forms: a small mural, a large wall billboard, and a larger rooftop billboard (which can still be placed at ground level, of course). Naturally, with a bit a keyboard magic, the savvy user can shrink or enlarge these to fit a variety of spaces!

Put them in your local neighborhood to promote civic pride. They make excellent decor in public spaces and community lots. Or use them to entice Sims to vacation in other exotic worlds (or ones that just desperately need some tourist cash).

There's one for each of the existing 20 Sims worlds; yes, even Batuu! They feature a beautiful view of the world and a fitting Simlish tourism slogan:

Batuu. It's out of this world.
Brindleton Bay. You know you'd rather be here.
Britechester. It's the smart choice.
Del Sol Valley. Where the stars are out all day.
Evergreen Harbor. Choose the future.
Forgotten Hollow. It's not just a world; it's a way of afterlife.
Glimmerbrook. More than meets the eye.
Granite Falls. Because not everyone wants to have fun on vacation.
Henford-on-Bagley. It's a simple choice.
Magnolia Promenade. Visit somewhere you've never been before.
Mt. Komorebi. Escape to Mt. Komorebi.
Newcrest. It's your canvas.
Oasis Springs. It's not the humidity; it's the heat.
San Myshuno. Look it over.
Selvadorado. Bridge the gap.
Strangerville. A town with deep roots.
Sulani. Sulani awaits you.
Tartosa. Your new life starts here.
Willow Creek. We have a lot for you.
Windenburg. You can't lose with Windenburg.

Show some Sim-civic pride, courtesy of the SimTourism Bureau!