No More Mutts from Pets Adoption Service

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2022 at 2:41 PM · Updated 20th May 2022 at 10:50 AM by SimmerZozo

No More Mutts from Pets Adoption Service! by Simmer Zozo

This is a basic Tuning Mod that edits the... CASLogics XML.
Compatible with 1.67

EA Default purebred pet is 20% --> kPureBreedChance value="0.2"
Simmer Zozo Mod Tuning edit is --> kPureBreedChance value="1"

Applies to BOTH Cats AND Dogs from the Pets Adoption Service! You can now see what Breed the animal is (pure Breed), instead of the word "mutt" everywhere, how cool is that?

PLEASE READ: When you check the Pets Adoption List, you MAY notice there is still Mutts left, this is normal! Just like the picture given, give it a few days and there will be more pure breed over time. As given from the Tuning mod, it is already at 1 (AKA: 100%). OR it could be instant!

Conflicts: Anything that edits the CASLogics XML --> Please check it yourself