Parkshore | Willow Creek Renovation #18 | NO CC

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Uploaded 23rd Feb 2022 at 12:48 AM · Updated 27th Mar 2022 at 2:56 PM by iSandor

Hey, guys from everywhere :3

Another renovation of Willow Creek, this time one of the big houses from the left side of the neighbourhood: Parkshore.

It was greenish house with lacking of trees and landscaping, so, I've changed some stuff.




There's still two floors, but a lot of room was added.

No CC used

Well, that's it.

Hope you guys enjoyed it!

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--------------- WILLOW CREEK RENOVATION --------------------

Community lots:
1. Public library here
2. Movers & Shakers gym here
3. Magnolia blossom park here
4. The blue velvet here
5. Municipal muses - museum here

Residential lots:
1. Crick Cabana here
2. Streamlet single here
3. Rindle Rose here
4. Riverside roost here
5. Potters Splay here
6. Colonialist abode here
7. Daisy Hovel here
8. Pique Hearth here
9. Garden essence here
10. Umbrage manor here
11. Plakabus Boulevard here
12. Brook Bungalow here
13. Parkshore


Cya next time!