Don't Leave - Adults

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Uploaded 25th Feb 2022 at 4:43 AM · Updated 28th Feb 2022 at 3:55 PM by jessesue

Don’t leave! Please stay! She is surprised and even annoyed but once she changes her mind, she takes charge of the situation, leaving him surprised. Because of the tight hold on the female, this set will probably only work, male-female, or female-female. Male to male might work as long as they were both thin and not muscular.

*18 poses
*pose list compatible


a_bmit_dont1 (walking away)
a_bmit_dont2 (grabbing hand of pose 1)
a_bmit_dont3 (turning back to look at pose 4)
a_bmit_dont4 (holding hand of pose 3, leaning forward)
a_bmit_dont5 (in the arms of pose 6, looking surprised)
a_bmit_dont6 (holding pose 5)
a_bmit_dont7 (leaning away from pose 8, looking unhappy)
a_bmit_dont8 (leaning towards pose 7 perhaps trying to kiss)
a_bmit_dont9 (being kissed on the cheek by pose 10, looking surprised)
a_bmit_dont10 (kissing cheek of pose 9)
a_bmit_dont11 (being kissed by pose 12, enjoying kiss)
a_bmit_dont12 (kissing cheek of pose 11)
a_bmit_dont13 (kissing pose 14)
a_bmit_dont14 (kissing pose 13)
a_bmit_dont15 (pushing sim in pose 16)
a_bmit_dont16 (being pushed by pose 15)
a_bmit_dont17 (crawling onto bed, goes with pose 18)
a_bmit_dont18 (lying on bed looking towards sim)