No Autonomous Fire and/or Ice Blast Spells

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Uploaded 15th Mar 2022 at 3:40 PM

Witches are my favorite occult to play in Sims 3, until I started to play with my A-hole grumpy sim that, everytime I took my eyes off him, attempted to set fire or freeze his poor wife with his magic.

So, since apparently no one else had did this tuning before, here it is
With this mod, witch sims will no longer cast fire and/or ice blasts autonomously, but the user-directed interactions are untouched.

How to use
First, this mod requires Supernatural EP. Otherwise this mod won't do anything to your game.

On the Downloads tab there's two files: No Auto Fire Blast and No Auto Ice Blast. You can have both in your game, but I chose to upload them separated so you can tune your game to your taste.

Techinical Information
The Fire Blast version modifies the CastFireBlast_CastSpel ITUN, and the Ice Blast one modifies the CastIceBlast_CastSpel ITUN, and each one will conflict with other mods that also modifies the respectives ITUNs.

In both ITUNs the value on the line DisallowAutonomous was changed from False to True.

This mod was made with patch 1.67, and it might not cause issues on other patch levels.