Some Meals as Desserts

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Uploaded 7th Mar 2022 at 2:20 PM · Updated 29th Mar 2022 at 10:12 AM by sweetdevil

Update: changed the wording from "compatible with" to "includes the changes in". Phrasing is difficult, apparently. Files remain unchanged, you don't need to redownload anything; this is just to prevent confusion.

Ever get tired of scrolling through the many recipes to find the one you know is sweet but is inexplicably categorized as a main course? Ever get mildly inconvenienced at EA categorizing pancakes as a non-sweet meal? Then this is the mod for you!

  • This mod makes some meals available under the “Serve Dessert” menu.
  • Meals recategorized as Desserts: Waffles; Peanut Butter and Jelly; Pancakes, Crepes; French Toast; Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich; Fruit Parfait; muffins, cupcakes, pies and cakes made with the children’s toy oven (doesn't affect anything, really, since these latter ones weren't assigned as meals or desserts to begin with).
  • Edits the RecipeMasterList XML. See below for possible conflicts.
  • Compatible with patches 1.63 and up.

Flavors (use only one!)

1. Simple: changes the above-mentioned meals to Desserts.

2. Includes the changes in Twoftmama’s Meals Anytime mod. This in turn has two flavors:
2.1 Meals anytime + Some Desserts: all meals available to cook anytime, and my recategorization of the above-mentioned ones as desserts
2.2 Meals anytime + Some Desserts + Ambrosia group meal: same as the version above, and you can also cook Ambrosia as a group meal

How to restore meals to regular ones & fix conflicts with other mods

Just open the XML in a text editor and delete the
Replace - with < and _ with >, it wouldn't let me paste the code itself 
line in the recipe’s section.

To fix conflicts with other mods, simply open those other mods and copy/paste the line above (with the < and > changed, of course) into the section of each recipe you wish to change.

Issues & conflicts

As desserts can only be prepared as group meals, you can no longer make single servings of Waffles and Pancakes.

This mod conflicts with anything that edits the RecipeMasterList XML. This includes Twoftmama’s Meals Anytime mods. Use either mine or hers.
Conflicts with this too: Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul + More Nectar Ingredients
Should not conflict with script mods.