Clean Bluewater Village With All Townies

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2022 at 8:41 AM
Updated: 20th Aug 2022 at 5:28 PM
Unlike meetmetotheriver's other clean templates, the clean Bluewater Village does have about half of the maxis townies. This version adds back in all of the townies that did get deleted. I have also uploaded this one as both a main hood and as a shopping district.

How I made this one is that I converted the original hood into a main hood, extracted all of the townies not in the clean version, Made all of the townies in the clean main hood version, and then set them as townies. For the shopping district version I took the main hood version I made and then converted it to a shopping district.

To install the main hood version you simply put the BWVM folder in the neighborhood folder.

To install the shopping district version you have to locate the B001 folder in the game files. The location of this folder depends on which version of the game you have.

Disk version
C:/Program Files (x86)/Ea Games/The Sims 2/The Sims 2 Open for Business/TS Data/Res/NeighborhoodTemplate

Disk version with the Best of Business Collection
C:/Program Files (x86)/Ea Games/The Sims 2/Best of Business/EP3/TSData/Res/NeighborhoodTemplate

Ultimate Collection from Origin
C:/ProgramFiles/OriginGames/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Best of Business/EP3/TSData/Res/NeighborhoodTemplate

Ultimate Collection from
C:/Program Files (x86)/Mr DJ/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/The Sims 2 Open for Business/TS Data/Res/NeighborhoodTemplate

Once you locate the B001 folder. You simply delete the B001 folder already there and drag in this one.

Some things to note
*The main hood version does not include any npcs and they will all be randomly generated.
*For the shopping district version, all of the townies do have their maxis names. However, adding a subhood to a main hood causes the game to randomizes all of the names of the subhood's townies and npcs. The only way to fix this is to manually fix the names yourself.
*I did not touch any of the townies that are already in the clean version.
*Some townies have outfits and turn ons and turn offs from nightlife. If you don't have nightlife then all of the nightlife stuff will automatically be replaced.
*The original hood has 2 hidden sims named Elle and Jeannie. They were originally meant to the townies, but both of their character data's got
fractured and thus were made hidden. In this version both of their character data's are now correct and they are both set as regular townies.

Version Compatibly
This hood was made with the Ultimate Collection so I believe that you need Mansion & Garden Stuff to use it.

*If you were playing on the disc version of the game then all of the townies that I added back in would not have their maxis names in the main hood version for some reason. This has been fixed.
*Changed the file name of the main hood version so now it always appears right after the 6 main Maxis hoods on the title screen.