Food & Beverage Supplier License

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The Food & Beverage Supplier License is available in the Aspiration Rewards Store for 500 satisfaction points. Once you acquire a Food & Beverage Supplier License reward trait, here's what you can sell and who you can sell it to:
Produce, Fish, Meat, Spices
  • Any restaurant Host
  • Produce market stalls vendor in San Myshuno
Juice Fizzes, Seltzer
  • Any bartender (but not hired ones)
Fresh Fish
  • The Daily Catch market stall vendor in Brindleton Bay
  • The Poke market stall vendor in Sulani
  • You can also sell fish at restaurants and the produce market stalls
Platters of baked pastries from the Cupcake Factory, Bread, Pie, Cakes, Jams & Jellies
  • Any Barista (but not hired ones)
  • Coffee cart vendors (such as in Discover University)
Wedding Cakes
  • Patisserie vendor in Tortosa
You need to have a friendly relationship with the person you are selling the items to, and they need to be 'at work' during the sale. Click on them while they are doing their job, and a 'Sell <type of good>' menu option will be available. It will bring up a picker that you can use to sell the items out of your inventory (see the main picture above for examples).

Sales Instructions
  • Have your sim purchase a Food & Beverage Supplier License in the Rewards Store for 500 satisfaction points
  • Make crafts like gardening produce, pies, fizzies, wedding cakes and fish
  • Make friends with Restaurant Hosts, Bartenders, Baristas and appropriate market stall vendors
  • Sell your crafted goods at restaurants, produce stalls, cafes, bars and coffee carts
  • Profit

Sale Cooldown

Since businesses need to sell the products that they buy from you, you can only sell to a particular sim once every 6 hours in normal cases (unless they are Impressed, see below).

Post Sale Events

A few hours after you sell to a supplier, or the next day if that's after business hours, they might contact your sim and tell you one of two things:
  • They are impressed by your products. Since they are selling well, they are willing to buy an unlimited number of times for the next 24 hours, and will pay a 2x premium as well. When a customer is impressed like this, you can see the Impressed relationship in the customer's Profile panel. Lasts 24 hours.
  • They found a cheaper supplier. They are still willing to buy your products on the same schedule (every 6 hours), but you will have to provide a 35% discount off the normal supplier price. These customers will display a Discounted relationship in their Profile panel. Lasts 12 hours.
Each of these has a chance of occurring each time you sell to a business, but most of the time there will be no special event. You also won't trigger one of these after a sale if the customer is already in one of these states.

Customer Relationships

If you have a good relationship with a supplier, they are much less likely to use a cheaper supplier. If they are your BFF, they will never use cheaper suppliers. If you have a good relationship, the supplier is also more likely to be impressed by your products and pay a bonus. Conversely, if you have a bad relationship, they are more likely to look for a cheaper supplier, and they will never be impressed.

Good relationships with customers lead to more money. Bad relationships lead to less money. Selling to a customer provides a small relationship benefit, so if you sell to your customers on a regular basis, you should end up with a positive relationship over time. Asking them how their day is going when you drop off the shipment isn't a bad idea, either.

The price that customers are willing to pay is also affected by certain traits. The Marketable, Entrepreneurial, and Business Savvy traits all provide bonuses to the amount that you are paid for products.

Check Up On Customers Interaction

There is a Check Up On Customers option on your sim that will allow you to pick one of your customers and call them to see if they need anything yet. They will also tell you if they are currently Impressed or Discounted in their answer.

1.0.0, 3/13/2022, Initial Patreon release
1.1.0, 3/22/2022, Added post-sale events with price modifiers
1.1.1, 4/2/2022, Public release, tuning of post-sale events and effects
of relationship status
1.1.2, 7/26/2022, Fixes for Patch 1.90.358