University Life Visual Fixes (Send Insulting Text, Texting Idle, Heat of the Moment Kiss)

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2022 at 4:29 PM
Updated: 18th Apr 2022 at 4:38 PM by skaevitas
Description (Updated 18-04-2022)
This mod includes fixes for a few visual mess-ups EAxis made with University Life:

Send Insulting Text: The game is missing an icon for the Send Insulting Text interaction's speech bubble, which makes it fallback to the nonsensical green leaf. This mod creates a new resource for the game to read in order to allow it to display the icon properly.

Texting Idle: Sims can perform an idle where they pull out their phone and start texting in it. Originally, the phone's screen appears to be upside down. This mod replaces the texture of the screen with a flipped version of the exact same image, so Sims will text with their screen right side up. Note that this is completely different from the Send Text interactions and does not affect them whatsoever!

Heat of the Moment Kiss: I'm not even sure if this was intentional or not on EA's part, but I've seen it talked about a few times before (shoutout to Jathom95 for mentioning it as well in the comments of this post! ) When Sims perform this interaction, they will display a speech bubble with a broken heart icon. The problem is that since this interaction shares its icon with Send Breakup Text, a texture replacement would inevitably affect both interactions, which may be undesirable. Instead, I went about this by editing the Balloons XML file to make the Heat of the Moment Kiss interaction call the heart icon from the base game. Send Breakup Text is unaffected by this and will display its own icon as normal.

To see the effects of this mod, you must have University Life installed. Otherwise it'll do nothing and you'll see nothing new.
  • Send Insulting Text: Rather than an override, this is a brand new resource for the game to read. There will not be a conflict with any other mod unless that mod also creates an _IMG resource with the instance of ep9_balloon_text_insult, the chances of which are rather low.
  • Texting Idle: Will conflict with any mod that alters the ep9Texting_0xf944887fc818cd82 _IMG resource.
  • Heat of the Moment Kiss: Will conflict with any mod that alters the Balloons _XML resource.

Additional Credits
  • s3pe: exporting/importing resources, creating the package file.
  • Notepad++: XML file editing.
  • Gimp: DDS image editing, creating the preview image.