Spring Bouquet, a collection of Floralbreds

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Uploaded: 27th Apr 2022 at 11:13 AM
Updated: 27th Apr 2022 at 10:26 PM
Bring some color to your paddock with this collection of flower-inspired horses! This is a series of horses I started in the way-back when Pets first came out. They started out as my interpretation of iris variations but I've expanded to include other species that have interesting patterns. I like to call them "Floralbreds". Some of these are remakes of my OG horses, but several were made specifically for the "Spring Theme" event. All of them are spring bloomers and are sure to liven up your fantasy farms and fields.

NOTE - The horses in this download are "standard size". I used OMSP resizers to scale them for the covershot. I scaled them relatively according to their floral counterpart sizes and will include the scaling used for each. I found this to be more effective than using a pet size slider since the only one I found for horses did not behave well with animations and poses.

About the Horses
The full list of "included" and "required" cc items are needed if you want all of the horses. I numbered the list of items and have included which items are used on each horse in case you only want select ones. The "Iris Veins" are markings I created specifically for these horses. They are fairly esoteric, so I am including them in this upload rather than separately.

HorseInspirationFlower sizeOMSPGenderTraitsCC Items Used
BalderdashTall Bearded Iris, "Balderdash"36 inches50%MFast, Neat, Playful4; 11; 13; 3c; 3d
BayouLouisiana Iris, "Black Gamecock"24-36 inches35%MBrave, Friendly, Playful10; 14
Black Tie AffairHellebore, "Black Tie Affair"18-24 inches30%MLazy, Noisy, Ornery6; 3b; 3d; 3i; Iris Veins 1a/b
BlumexParrot Tulip, "Blumex"20-22 inches35%FAggressive, Ornery, Untrained1; 3b; 3c; 3d; 3g; 3i; 6; 9; 10; 13; 16
Bumblebee DeeliteMiniature Tall Bearded Iris, "Bumblebee Deelite"18-20 inches30%FBrave, Fast, Obedient3d; 3e; 3h; 5; 12; 13; Iris Veins 1c
Dance the Night AwayTall Bearded Iris, "Dance the Night Away"39 inches55%FAgile, Fast, Friendly3c; 3d; 11; 13
Dancing on AirTall Bearded Iris, "Dancing on Air"33 inches40%FAgile, Friendly, Playful3c; 3d; 3f; 9; 10; 11; 13
ExposeTall Bearded Iris, "Expose"34 inches45%MPiggy, Quiet, Shy3a; 3d; 3f; 4; 11; 13; Iris Veins (all)
HalkisIris Reticulata, "Halkis"6-8 inches25%FFast, Playful, Shy3c; 3d; 7; 9; 14
PansyMiltoniopsis "Pansy" Orchid6-8 inches25%MOrnery, Shy, Nervous2; 3f; 8; 13; 15

Optional CC
The following items were used on the horses in the images. They are not included on the horses, nor are the required.

  • Any CC item marked "See Note" - these items are no longer available for original site/sources. The link provided is an alternate/archive upload.