Glass Hen on Nest

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2022 at 8:25 PM
Hello all. In real life I collect glass hen on nest (HONs) and was always disappointed by the equivalents in game. So, I decided to make my own. These are based off of the sculpture in Cottage Living, but sized down, edited, and coloured to look more like real life HONs. The name and description is based on the Indiana Glass Company's hens, the most well known.

These HONs come in 12 patterns: 1 painted, 8 plain glass, and 3 carnival glass.


Twinbrook Glass Company Hen on Nest
Description: Ah, the hen on nest. What is it? A salt dish? A candy bowl? An egg holder? A centerpeice? No one really knows. But what everyone knows for sure is that the Twinbrook Glass Company Hen on Nests are the best HONs around! It comes in a variety of colors, from painted glass to solid milk glass, to cobalt and carnival glass! Get one today! What you do with it is your business, getting one to you is ours!

Price: 100

Category: Decoration > Sculpture

Vertices: 447
Polygons: 382

Vertices: 339
Polygons: 254


Special Thanks
Simsina's custom CC tutorials on YouTube and the makers of the Sims 4 Studio.