Rainbow Walls and Floors

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Uploaded 7th May 2022 at 11:28 PM · Updated 9th May 2022 at 8:30 PM by Kestin

It's spring...apparently *looks at low temperatures*, so what better time for bright colors? This is a set of 3 walls and 3 floors, all in rainbow colors. I can't get enough rainbow in my life (seriously, if you could see my old bedroom...) so I'm going to post it everywhere online too! Here we have rainbow wood paneling, rainbow tiles, and a rainbow wallpaper with a rainbow carpet.

These can be found in the catalog as follows:
-Rainbow Paneling is in Walls/Paneling for §5.
-Rainbow Tile Wall is in Walls/Tile for §5.
-Rainbow Wallpaper is in Walls/Wallpaper for §5.
-Rainbow Flooring is in Floors/Wood for §5.
-Rainbow Tile Floor is in Floors/Tile for §5.
-Rainbow Carpet is in Floors/Carpet for, you guessed it, §1,000,000 §5.

Each of the files is named exactly what it is (e.g., RainbowWallpaper.package), so you can delete any you don't want. If the wallpaper looks a bit plain and you'd rather it come with some molding, the incomparable CatherineTCJD has you covered. The carpet, while it is fuzzy (as befits a carpet), looks crisper in-game; I don't know what happened with the screenshot there, but the rest of the content is accurate.

The backless shower/tub in the bathroom screenshot is by HugeLunatic here, and the rainbow shower curtain recolor is by Red Angel here.