Toddler SPRING Mix and Match Polo Shirts and Shorts

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Uploaded: 13th May 2022 at 12:21 AM
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Toddler SPRING Mix and Match Polo Shirts and Shorts

Spring mix and match sets for your toddlers! Plaids, robots, dinosaurs, and solids! Yipee! for Boys and Girls. They are designed to mix with each other and also with Game pieces. These are unisex so both boys and girls can wear them.

The Shorts are Base Game and the Polo Shirt requires Toddler Stuff.

This is everything in the Shorts and polo shirts packages.

These are some of the Mix & Match Combinations you can do with a few game pieces.

Find the polo shirts and shorts in CAS.

I've fixed the UV maps on all the LODS so the plaids lie straight. The mapping is a bit wonky on the inside of the short's legs. That can't be helped because of the way EA made the shorts. I tried to minimize the stretching as much as possible.

There are no changes to the LOD vertices. I just adjusted the UV Maps.
LOD0 vertices 2321, Polys 3528
LOD1 vertices 1513, Polys 2008
LOD2 vertices 924, Polys 1116
LOD3 vertices 509, Polys 576
LOD0 vertices 698, Polys 956
LOD1 vertices 418, Polys 502
LOD2 vertices 332, Polys 376
LOD3 vertices 244, Polys 220

I have included the Photoshop parts templates if you want to make your own recolors. It will save you time breaking out all the parts details. DO NOT PLACE PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATES IN-GAME! They are just used to make recolors.

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