This is Sedona Unlimited, in the middle of nowhere?

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Uploaded: 10th May 2022 at 3:45 PM
Hey, let's admit it, Sedona is the map loved among the most beloved, but we would like more roads, more urban intensity and that is why I bring this time, here is my version that I have called Sedona Unlimited, because you might want to keep both .sc4 sedonas and there are no limits to expand in the Sims 2, I have tried to respect the maximum originality of the previous alleys (except for one next to the hill that I have eliminated because it was really gloomy and depressing) for those who want to replace the roads (also by Mootilda's hoodreplace) and continue playing of the HBG's or aondaneedles Sedona, everything else is just It has expanded like a growing neighborhood fully of life with real streets and even a central boulevard and this is no longer like in the middle of nowhere, but rather a metropolitan oasis in the middle of the desert or even a downtown, and I've added an additional bridge that could abut the border from Simland to Simnora (Simxico) heheheh, why not? Be happy!

Note: No sedonites have been damaged or stripped in the Sedona Unlimited Terrain development and the funds raised were used to rescue homeless llamas and deduct taxes for excessive electricity consumption.