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HugeLunatic's Seahorse Add-Ons

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Uploaded: 11th May 2022 at 3:46 AM
Updated: 12th May 2022 at 4:42 AM
Here are three add-ons for HugeLunatic's seahorse wall deco. I've made a reversed seahorse and two half-size seahorses.
All three add-ons are slaved to the original seahorse mesh.

With HugeLunatic's permission, my edited version of her mesh is included. It was a very small edit -- I added ##0x1C050000! to the filename in the package so that the slaves would pick up the texture.
* HugeLunatic has let me know that her original mesh works as it is. If you already have hers, you can just delete the edited one I included in the download before putting the slaves and recolors in your game. I edited the file that was in my to-do folder for years.

I've included four recolors featuring seahorses.

HugeLunatic for permission and the great help she gave me when I started this endeavor. Also, after years of invisible meshes and game crashes, the tutorial that finally taught me to slave objects.
MustLuvCatz for her help when I started this endeavor.
Michelle has made lovely recolors for us to use.
Recolor textures are from Barneby Gates and Kerry Caffyn wallpapers.
Walls used are by LinaCherie.