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Krystal Summers

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Uploaded 22nd May 2022 at 12:27 PM

Krystal Summers is a witch that is all about adventure! She is brave, so creepy crawlies won't scare her away from the lost treasure that awaits in some long forgotten tomb.

She loves to gather ingredients out in the wilds of her town - gems, wildflowers, seeds and insects, Krystal wants to collect them all.

Krystal is quite handy with a wrench, line up all the appliances that need upgrading or repairing and she will do a fine job.

She is somewhat of an eccentric sim, at least that's what Krystal thinks about herself. Don't listen to what the neighbors have to say, they think she is a bit cookoo in the head.

Give Krystal an easel and a paint brush and she will paint portraits and landscapes of brand new worlds.

Krystal Summers