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Paintings of Queen Victoria - Set 1

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Uploaded: 14th May 2022 at 4:54 AM
A set of 15 paintings of Queen Victoria, from the first half of her life. She was painted many times over the course of her life, especially after her accession as a young queen after the country was used to older kings. Victoria represented a fresh start, and her reign showed the monarchy could last while others toppled.

You can find this object under Wall Art, in every room category, for 6300 Simoleons. Thanks to TheJim07 for allowing me to use his beautiful mesh.

The art displayed is:

Queen Victoria by Alfred Edward Chalon
Queen Victoria Kneeling in Coronation Robes by Charles Robert Leslie
Queen Victoria in Robes of State by David Wilkie
The Young Queen Victoria by Edmund Thomas Parris the Younger
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in Costume by Edwin Henry Landseer
Queen Victoria by Franz Xavier Winterhalter
Queen Victoria in Coronation Robes by George Hayter
Queen Victoria by George Harcourt Sephton
"Victoria Regina" Receiving News of Her Accession by Henry Tanworth
Victoria by Martin Archer Shee
Queen Victoria as a Child by Martin Archer Shee
Queen Victoria after Thomas Sully by Richard Rothwell
Victoria as a Child with Her Mother by Sir William Beechey
Victoria Aged 4 by William Bright Morris
Victoria as a Child by Willaim Fowler

All art is in the public domain.