Better Blood (Plasma) Food & Drink

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Uploaded 25th May 2022 at 1:30 PM · Updated 26th May 2022 at 12:09 AM by DemonOfSarila

This mod changes how much some things satisfy vampire thirst. Not drinking from other sims, but the bags & fruit related things. With this mod you’ll see the thirst need for your vampire sims go up by double or more, depending on the item they're consuming.

ObjectEAThis Mod
Bags / Packs--
Plant / Fruit--
Fruit itself18.7560
Bar Drink2580
Salad.857 & 301 & 70

Blood vs Plasma

Shout out to Letisiya for their string edit mod "Drink Blood, Not Plasma!" I've used it for years & recommend it; their mod does not conflict with this mod because this is an XML mod while that is a string edit mod. I use both together without issues.

Similar mods

ShuSanR ("Plasma Packs Fill More Vampire Thirst") and Tanja1986 ("VAMPIRES - Mega Mod" with VampiresStrongerPlasmaFood) both have mods that do the same thing as this mod, but they both haven’t logged in for a long time. I wanted an updated version because this is an xml tuning mod & I wanted to use my own values for everything, so I made my own mod.

Technical Info

Requires the Vampires Game Pack (obviously? at least I would think that's a bit obvious)

Confirmed to work with v1.87.40.1030 through v1.88.213.1030 (which is the current version as of 5-25-22). I make no promises on older or newer versions of the game. I won't make this for older versions. If I'm still playing the sims 4 when newer version come out, I'll update this mod (if I stop playing the sims 4, then I won't, unless I start playing sims 4 again).

Made in Sims4Studio, by changing these XMLs: