Roaring Heights Bookshelf... Without books!

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Uploaded: 25th May 2022 at 2:25 PM
Who need shelves? I do. So I converted this lovely object -my first conversion, edited it, because the texture was so Sims3, add some modern recolors, (more Sims4 Maxis Match) and two specific models for childrens bedrooms (kittens and bears).
Oh and I removed the books: who need real paper books in 2022? (I do, but I have too many bookshelves)
And there it is: once this was a bookshelf in Roaring Height Magnificent Library. Now, it's just something you place in your livingroom to put some clutter on it, and weep about the good old times, when Roaring Heights, cars and golden Llamas Statues were real.

200 simoleons, relatively low poly, and 9 useful slots. Original mesh by Maxis 10 years ago and base game compatible. Enjoy!