Enhanced Pleasant Vista Apartments

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2022 at 12:57 PM
Updated: 16th Sep 2022 at 9:23 PM
Hello everyone, this is my new upload; I found inspiration from many simmers who build maxis makeovers without custom content. As far as I understand, a makeover is a whole reconstruction of something and an enhancement in the other hand, is a retouch, a slight change that can make things look better without taking away the original concept.

Today I decided to enhance one of the apartment buildings from maxis, I never disliked the original concept of it, I just think it needed a retouch; maybe at the time those buildings looked right but today, they just don't make sense anymore. The areas that most bothered me were the front doors and patios/terraces of all apartments, they had no privacy whatsoever! The jacuzzi area was just thrown in the back and the patio, wasn't connected to anything at all, so I decided to connect patio and jacuzzi dividing it with the bar and re position the front doors and bring the base floor patios to the back, so your sims can do whatever they please in private; and if there's a patio reunion, no one has to feel forced to participate now, because nobody can see you in and out of your front door. Isn't that amazing?

Thank you for reading