Memories of Roaring Heights's library

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Uploaded 16th Jun 2022 at 6:06 PM · Updated 14th Jun 2022 at 12:45 AM by Mrs Merle

Once these stylish table lamps used to light the desks in Roaring Heights's library, back in my Sims3 saves. I had so much love for these lamps in all their 3 recolors, I had at least one in nearly every sims house. These are all brass or iron made, so sturdy and strong that you would use it to knock out ex-husbands or burglars without any afterthought for your lamp integrity.
There's no burglars anymore in Sims 4, (and so few couple problems, alas) but your sims can use one of these just to put some light on their desk, or accent table. Just because these are still beautiful.

400 simoleons, so not so expensive for such a classy historical lamp.
It's a conversion S3 to S4 with some little edition.
4 recolors: 3 are Maxis's original. The gold and blue, a little more shinny is by me.
Mesh is a Maxis one, and not a High poly one.

I look forward to see how your sims will use these lamps. Enjoy!