Blue Chow Skin Options for Werewolves | 3 Swatches (Non-default)

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2022 at 11:44 AM
I haven't made a public mod/CC before, so I hope that this one serves you well if you're looking for blue chow options for your Werewolf sim. There are three options, with two being a bit more "fantastical" and not entirely realistic, but still neat for use.

Paws, nose, and the skin around the eyes are blue pigmented, and I have dimmed down the pink on the inside of the ears as I felt it was too bright.

I plan to maybe do some other color series, but it remains to be seen if I find the time to do so.

All of these use the same Werewolf pack base, they are just recolors. You WILL need Werewolf pack to use this, but no additional meshes will be needed.