Bennetts Avenue ~ a Street of 6 Semi-Detached British Houses

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Bennetts Avenue
6 Semi-Detached British Houses
meant to go side-by-side on the same street

3 and/or 4 bedrooms - 2+ bathrooms - detached garages
- front porch - back patio - pet friendly -

~~~ Only 1 CC, a fence ~~~

The floor plan comes from a Zoopla real estate listing that is no longer active.

The listing said, "The spacious accommodation comprises; Porch, entrance hall, a large through reception room, kitchen, downstairs cloakroom, three good sized bedrooms and a family bathroom. In addition the property benefits from; A conservatory, front garden with shared side access leading down to a garage with storage space and a generous sized private rear garden."

Each house follows the same basic floor plan, but they are decorated very differently inside.

House #1, pictured above, is done in a more neutral style, and fitted out for both a cat and a bird as pets.
House #6, pictured below, is done in an antique style. It doesn't contain any pet items, and the tub is not accessible for dog-washing. (Other pets may enjoy living there though!)

Between the 5th and 6th houses there is a garden space - it looks like it is shared - but, technically, it is not.

Please enjoy touring the rest of these houses by scrolling through all the pictures.

These houses are fully furnished and lightly decorated. All appliances, plumbing and lighting are included. The stoves, grills, and fireplaces all have smoke alarms. Front doors are burglar alarmed. And telephones are on each level.

This is a clean copy of these houses; no sim has ever lived here. The packages have been cleaned with Mootilda's Clean Installer.

There is parking for one vehicle in each garage. Cars will teleport to and from the road.

This is a pet-ready build; pet items are included. Some houses are better equipped than others. I have mentioned in the pictures which pets are appropriate for each house.

- House #2 - Needs SilentLucidity's Around/Through Blocks to get past the swingset to the doghouse.
- House #6 - Needs SilentLucidity's Around/Through Blocks to get to the bookshelves in the Livingroom.
- Houses #2 and #6 also have coffee tables in front of their fireplaces - which makes it so the fireplace can't be lit. No room... *sigh*
- Likewise - houses #2 and #3 have dressers placed at the foot of the Master beds that can't be opened. Too close.
- There are no other routing issues; everything else is accessible.

Definitely used but NOT included:
Get these items if you want the house to look exactly as shown in the pictures.
- Some of the wallpapers may be from the Lifestyle Build Bundle. (If you followed that link, it's the second link in the top post - extracted from Lifestyle Stories by Argon @ MATY) This 'bundle' lives back in my Bins folder so it doesn't have the CC star. If you ever enter one of my builds and find it has blank/unpapered walls/floors, it is because I used ones from this bundle and forgot to mention it. So, either substitute the wall/floor of your choice, or go get this bundle and re-install the lot (from your lot bin.)
- HugeLunatic's Backless tub/shower

Custom Content Included (Only on house #2, #4, and #6)
- Bigpartisan Fence - Wall Height by Aki Kaminari/GoS

Lot Size (LotAdjusted): 40X10
Lot Prices (furnished): range from $51,245 - $90,649

Thank you Mootilda - for the awesome Lot Adjuster used to make these lots.

Please see more of my British Houses Series on my MTS profile.

Standard mods I use that are not necessary, nor included -
...but were probably used whilst building/photo-ing/prepping this house for upload:
I use Deastrumquodvicis' Roof Shader for brighter roofs
And, HW/Honeywell's A Little Greyer: Roof Trim Defaults
Maranatah's White Wall Top texture replacement
Moo's Turn On/Off Lights
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix
BeosBoxBoy's no-red-pause-mod
Nopke's Go Under Spiral Stairs mod for proper spiral stair usage
Gunmod's Radience Lighting System, which is installed with the Scriptorium (which is necessary for installing CC stairs.)
HugeLunatic's Sweet Down Low Tweaked + for the ability to shift things up/down on a wall without darkening the item!
And, I highly recommend using gummilutt's Invisible Medicine Cabinet to add features to any mirror.
And, of course, everyone needs Numenor's CEP and SEP!

NOTE: Sweet Down Low Tweaked + sometimes causes pictures, curtains, shelves, and ceiling lights to 'jump' out of place when you first install a lot. You can click the item to put it back in place. The 'jumping' is a side-effect of the mod. It won't affect your game at all (other than the inconvenience of things being initially out of place *sigh*)