Werewolves Conversion - Toddler GP12MohawkMullet Hair Solid & Ombre 24 Colors

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Uploaded 27th Jun 2022 at 7:12 AM · Updated 28th Jun 2022 at 12:30 AM by ShaoXingJiu Sims4

(My English is poor, I use google)
There is no toddler version of this cool Werewolves Game Pack hair,

So I converted it!

Both hairstyles are 24 EA colors, from adults.
Suitable for men and women, matching hats, not random.

To match winter outfits,the braids have a little height.
(Winter outfits for this hair are shown in cas last photo)

IMPORTANT: Werewolves Game Pack need!
Make sure you have this pack to have my transformed hair.

Have Fun!