Top Surgery Scars by MNVLZ

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2022 at 2:09 PM
Updated: 4th Aug 2022 at 6:19 PM
*July 13th 2022 [UPDATE]*
I accidentally added some extra files, the unmerged packages so there were doubles, these have been removed

*July 13th 2022 [UPDATE]*

Hello all,

I hope these have found a home in your mods folder and you have enjoyed them!!!

Here I bring some new versions. I made the scars available for basegame by adding them to the Tattoos (Front Lower) and Skin Details(Forehead) category.

I did however make changes to the texture as I personally felt like they needed some changes. However, I didn't want to completely remove the previous version for those that still prefer them.

The changes are mostly making the scars a bit sharper and more uneven as I had made them quite symmetrical previously, added some faded and prominent areas. I also made the areola scar/nipple graft scar look a bit tighter and closer to the nipple.

The scars now go closer to the arm pit so that it follows the chest contour a bit more

There are now version for EA Default skin, as not everyone uses Luumia's Vanilla default skin.

All the files now have custom thumbnails (nothing crazy) so that the scars are more visible in the preview and so that they are displayed on the skin tone that the scar is mostly intended for. of course, how you use the scars is completely up to you!!

That's about all the changes I made them and the additions I made.

Thank you and have a nice day!!

bye bye, MNLVLZ.

*June 30th 2022 [POSTED]*
Hello all and Happy Pride Month still!!

This is my very first upload to MTS after using it for many many years. So I hope I'm doing this correctly.

The content:
So I myself am a queer individual but not myself trans, I have not had top surgery so I don't know what that experience is like. I did research on different top surgery procedures and the different ways that scars look or can heal to bring this custom content for you today.
I hope I did well by those that want this in their games, and if I didn't please let me know so I can fix it with your feedback.

I decided to create 6 procedures, those being "Double Incision, Inverted T, Fishmouth, Peri-Aerolar, Keyhole and the Minor Scar". I made 4 swatches for each. Light, medium, dark and deep. These are intended to work the best with the skin tones associated with the swatch and as seen in the swatch images above.
I also added a 5th swatch that aims to match the already existing scars that Maxis has given us. So they will overall show up on every skin tone and appear dark, as some scars can heal darker due to being exposed to the sun and many other factors.

Overall I tried to mimic a "Maxis Match" style but tried to keep it as close as possible to healed scars from Top Surgery.

The scars are intended to work with Vanilla, a default skin by Luumia. As I myself use it in my game and these scars were first a personal project of mine before I decided to upload it. If you want them to show up in your game you would need to own the Werewolves GP, as they are found in the body scars category that was introduced with said GP. It specifically uses the "body scars, front torso" spot.
I plan on creating a version of the scars for default EA skin and also plan on making basegame version that go in the "skin detail" and "tattoo" categories. Not entirely sure when, but if people really want them to I'll try my best to upload them soon.

I think that covers it, I hope these find a good place in your mods folder :D

bye bye, MNLVLZ.

Credits and CC
Vanilla a default skin by Luumia.
Summer Fun Posepack - Posepack by Gladlypants
Male Model - Posepack by STARRY
Model Poses - Posepack by STARRY
GroupModelPoses4 - Posepack by Ratboysims
Aqua Trigger Eyes HUMAN DEFAULTS by Miss Ruby Bird
Aqua Trigger Eyes HETEROCHROMIA by Miss Ruby Bird