Hourglass Pots & Planters

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Uploaded 27th Jun 2022 at 8:21 PM

A set of 8 decorative pots with slots in 4 sizes and 4 functional planters in 2 sizes, based on Ferm Living's pots.

All cost $100 and can be found under Deco/Plants. Recolorable.

The planters are functional and you can use them for your own harvestables. L and M sizes + flipped versions.

The pots come in 4 sizes - L, M, S, and XS and a flipped version of each. The regular/upright L, M, S and XS have 2 slots - lower and higher one, and different soil heights in the 2 presets. (You can easily cycle through available slots with the M button.)

I'm thinking about making some separated plants to go with them as well, but considering I started these and then forgot about them for 6 months, idk when that would be.

BG compatible, compressed.


high/med: 576f / 194f