Yolk's Harder School

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2022 at 1:57 PM
Updated: 1st Jul 2022 at 3:14 PM
This XML tuning mod attempts to increase “career” difficulty for elementary and high school students.

Your sims will now get detention after school for using inattentive career tones. However, working hard will decrease the chance they’ll get detention if they’ve been inattentive that day.

They also begin school with a D grade, and only self-sacrificing diligent students who reach the top of the performance meter will receive an A.

Homework is harder, and high school homework is harder than elementary school homework. But your sims still only need to do 50% of it to receive some benefit.

Witch teens have a higher chance of failing when trying to cheat with magic, and vampire sims no longer do their homework twice as fast, receiving only a small speed buff for their occult status.

Note About NRAAS Careers’ Trade Schools

I don’t suggest using this mod if your sim is currently in one of NRAAS Careers’ trade schools. In testing, my sims flunked because the threshold for a good mood seemed abnormally high. Something is going on here, and until I can figure out what, I can’t suggest using them in tandem.