A Cozy Bachelor's House with a Garage || NO CC || NO CHEATS

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2022 at 3:35 PM
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Greetings, fellow Simmers! R92 here with my first house for the community!

This lovely little thing is a small modern house packed with a fancy garage, perfect for your Elon Musk in the making.

The house is built upon a foundation and has only the ground level. It features a semi-open interior design in order to promote a feeling of more space in what would ordinarily be considered a small house, and it consists of the following sections:
  • a hallway section which opens into a living room/bedroom in the central and left part of the house
  • separated by three arches, we find a compact kitchen combined with a very small dinning section which features a nectar bar as a niche addition; the dinning section also features a door to the balcony where you can either rest, play chess or commit yourself to becoming the next Hulk
  • and lastly, extending from the living room, separated by two arches, we find a small study space combined with a bathroom, featuring a wardrobe and a separated toilet

The garage which is built separately from the house features a modernly designed rectangular with a fully windowed left side and a frontal outdoor space for an additional car.
  • a small lounge section, perfect for admiring the lovely Hunka and chatting about Drake's latest exploits; Nathan's, that is
  • a bar for those "too hot" days
  • a robot crafting station - because every Wayne needs his Albert

The outdoors feature a minimalistic yet neatly decorated floral section all around the house, two beautiful statues in front of the house, a frontal patio with a small barbecue, and a hammock in the backyard.

Additional information and credits
I've made this lot without any CC and without the use of any building cheats to give hope to people like myself - to people who desire the vanilla experience. I hope this house proves to such people that, "Yes, you can do it too. And you don't need to know everything there is to know about the Sims in order to create something lovely".

I hope you'll enjoy playing around this lot as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Many thanks to ch4rms from reddit for the encouragement, and many thanks to the modthesims staff for their instructions, among others!

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Your R92