**UPDATED: 26-July** Cigarette Smoking Mod - OVERHAUL

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Uploaded: 23rd Jul 2022 at 5:28 PM
Updated: 31st Jul 2022 at 8:12 PM
**31-JULY-2022 UPDATE**
Polish translation added (Thank you Bergaroth!) and Spanish translations updated

**26-JULY-2022 UPDATE**
Thanks for all the nice feedback and thank yous for the mod update. Please redownload this updated version to overwrite the previous one in your game. This version includes the following fixes/updates:
1. With apologies, the language strings have been updated for non-English languages as some text was missing resulting in blank text for some players
2. The ITUN files have been updated so pregnant Sims can smoke (I feel bad even writing that!) Thank you Wisteria
3. French and Spanish (Mexico and Spain) translations have been added. Thank you SecretX and Nyvielz!
4. Sims with no athletic skill will no longer reset if the Smoking Habit takes days from their lifespan
5. With HUGE thanks to TakumiiSakura, I've updated the smoking animation with their new animation. You'll notice how smooth and natural it is.

I left the older mod for people who previously downloaded it know to get the new version. You only need the one labeled "updated".

With permission from cmomoney who created the Cigarette Smoking Mod, which you can find here: https://modthesims.info/d/480744
I have updated the mod with new features and functions. You don't need the original to use this version but if you've never used it, I highly suggest checking it out first to understand the baseline of how it works.

Expanded features:
- Teens can smoke! Now your teens can rebel in more dangerous ways by lighting up a cigarette but be warned, if they get caught in the act or with any evidence, that spells big trouble.

- Sims can purchase cigarettes and nicotine gum (see below) at the grocery store, in addition to the Buy mode catalog.

Smoking has more consequences:
- Smoking will leave a smell on your Sim that will linger for a couple of hours which nonsmokers will not like and teens can get busted for. You can remove it by showering. Or just let it fade away – if you’re around other smokers, they won’t be bothered by it.

- Smoking has health consequences. Sims with a smoking habit will gain physical skills (e.g. athletic, martial arts, etc.) at lower rates than non-smoker Sims. For adults and elders, if they develop a smoking habit, there’s a chance it will take days off their lifespan. Exercise greatly reduces the chance of the latter happening.

- Continuous smoking while pregnant will have a negative effect on the baby.

- Smoking will cost you. Not just in your health but your wallet as well. SimNation has enacted federal taxes causing the price of cigarettes to increase by %2500! A pack of cigarettes now costs §150 and a pack now comes with only 10 cigarettes instead of 20. Better pay up and stock up!

- Withdrawal from smoking has a higher negative moodlet value and quitting cold turkey has a lower positive moodlet, since it is permanent.

- There’s help if you need to quit. Sims no longer need to quit cold turkey. You can now buy nicotine gum which lessens the effects of withdrawal. Sims that use this method to quit will get a different/new permanent moodlet to show they’ve quit.

Keep Calm and Keep Smoking.
- Sims can smoke autonomously if a pack of cigarettes is left out in the world without taking the pack.

- If your Sim is jonesing for a fix and out of cigs or money to buy more, you can bum a cigarette off another smoker Sim (provided they have some in their inventory, of course) and even offer cigarettes to Sims. Sims may reject or accept the cigarette based on their relationship with the active Sim and certain traits/buffs:
- Smokers (Sims with the Smoking Habit, Need Cigarette, or Had a Smoke buffs) or Tipsy/Drunk/Juiced Sims (because they make bad decisions) will always accept.
- Sims with the Fell Off the Wagon or Buzzed buffs, Rebellious, Shy or Socially Awkward Sims (it’s the peer pressure) or Sims who are stressed or anxious will have a 50% chance of accepting.
- Sims with the Quit Smoking buff have a 10% chance of accepting.
- Sims with the Quit Cold Turkey buff or all other non-smoker, sober Sims in a good mood will have a 5% chance of accepting.
Athletic, Eco-Conscious and Disciplined Sims will always refuse (but you can still make them smoke if you are controlling them).

Original Mod Fixes:
- Fixed an issue where you couldn’t cancel the interaction without first having to wait for the animation loop to play out completely. You can now cancel whenever you want but your Sim will still get all the consequences. One puff is all it takes!

Future Updates:
- Adding some kind of potentially fatal illness for Sims who have a long-term smoking habit (e.g. coughing fits, lower energy)
- Preventing teens from purchasing cigarettes from the grocery store (unless they have something like a Fake ID object in their inventory)
- Vaping/e-cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, cigars
- Sitting while smoking (not an animator so we'll see!)

I used the "Offer/Ask for Test Answers" animation from UL for the "Offer Cigarette/Ask for Cigarette" interaction, hence why University is required.

Thanks to: phoebejaysims for testing and feedback, and the TS3 Creators Discord for generally encouraging vibes

Additional Credits:
cmomoney for creating such a great mod in the first place and allowing me to update it.

Made using Battery's Script Template Creator, s3PE, TSRWorkshop, SmoothJazz