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Basic Flip Flops For Women, Young Adult/Adult.

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2022 at 3:51 PM
Hello, this is my first CC piece. Before I made my first script mod and my first cc piece. I have always wanted Flip Flops with realistic feet into the game. Although there were plenty of sandals with detailed feet. I could never find Flip Flops with detailed feet (Atleast downloads that would actually work). So, I decided to create Flip Flops with Detailed feet.

What It Does

This CC piece provides your sim with stylish Flip Flops with changeable nail polish color. Perfect for the summer time.

Important Information:

-Shoes for Females. Young Adults and Adults.
-Can be used in Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic, Swimwear, and Naked.
-Compatible with Pregnant sims

-4 recolorable channels: Top/Bottom Flats, Flip Flop Straps, Strap between top/bottom Flats, and Nails.


High Level of Detail
Verts: 3736 Faces: 6124
Medium Level of Detail
Verts: 231 Faces: 702
Low Level of Detail
Verts: 132 Faces: 306

Additional Information

-This Mesh is for sure a high poly amount. Just under the 8k amount recommended for shoes. The mesh has been smooth on my system. However, that is coming from an individual with a high end pc and who has done everything possible to make the game run as smooth as possible. Nrass, Smooth patch, Merging CC using CC Magic, making the game recognize my GPU, Making the game use more VRAM, Making the game use more CPU, Limiting FPS, etc. So just keep in mind that this mesh may be tough for some lower end PC's, so use sparringly if you wish to use.

It was just something that I personally wanted and that I could produce due to my work ethic and help from a CC Veteran.


-Frankie, AKA Eikeeful, AKA Gruesim, AKA SimplyImaginaryPeople
I want to sincerely thank Frankie for literally everything. Her tutorials were a massive help. Additionally, she answered any questions I had during the whole process. So much so, that I am honestly surprised that she didn't just make the project herself. Thanks to her, I was able to finish my Flip Flops project within 1-2 weeks. Otherwise it would of either tooken me months, or it would have never been accomplished.

Chisami's amazing Feet were used for this CC piece. Without Chisami's Feet, this project would not be complete.

Made Using Marvelous Designer, Blender 2.79, MilkShape, PhotoShop 2022, MeshToolKit both and The New MeshToolKit, TSR WorkShop, S3pe, S3rc

CC used to create my Flip Flops
-Chisami's Feet

CC used in photos:
Hair From Anto Astro
Long Nails From:jurassica and santosfashionsims