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Werewolrify (Werewolf creation spell)

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2022 at 11:23 AM
Updated: 27th Aug 2023 at 6:49 PM
Added French translation - 31 july 2022
Update - Fixed problem where strings wouldn't show up in some languages - 9 august 2022 (thanks Strategique!)
This mod is compatible with the patches/game updates that happened before August 27th 2023.


This spell requires the Spellbook injector by r3m/Simsonian Libraryy.
It also requires the The Sims 4 Realm of Magic and The Sims 4 Werewolves.


THIS SPELL IS COMPLETELY INSPIRED BY THE VAMPIRIFY SPELL BY R3M with some tweaks to adjust to the werewolf pack and my preference. The tweaks will be marked in Italic.
I really liked this spell and since r3m isn't here anymore (i think?), I wanted to have a spell that works the same way but for werewolf.
(I don't have any news on R3M's well being but if they tell me to take down the mod because it was based on theirs, I will immediately do so.)

Detailed Description (from r3m vampirify post)

This mod adds a new "Werewolrify" spell that allows Master Spellcasters to turn human Sims into Werewolves. This spell belongs to the School of Untamed Magic. Unlike other spells, sages won't be able to teach you this spell and you won't be able to learn it randomly through duels or practicing on your own.
Instead, your Sim has to use the new "Reveal Hidden Werewolf Secret" interaction on the computer, Web-Research category.

Werewolf Creation

Once your Sim has browsed through the web page, they will be able to cast Werewolrify on human (or seemingly human) Sims.

Regular SuccessTarget Sim starts their Werewolf transformation with Werebies or Cursed Bite (I gave the choice in case perhaps you want to make the sim have werebies first then be a werewolf or directly have a cursed bite). If the targeted Sim is your enemy they will start with the temperament: Big Bad Wolf.
Charged SuccessSame as Above. If the spellcaster is charged or your targeted sim is your enemy, they will start with the temperament: Hungry Like The Wolf.
FailureSpell backfires and your Sim will temporarily get nausea and increased appetite. This will stick for 8 hours.
Alien FailureYour Sim will discover that their target is an Alien and the Alien will change out of their disguise.
Mermaid FailureYour Sim will discover that their target is a Mermaid.
Vampires FailureYou won't be able to cast on vampires.
Scrambled SpellsYour Sim will cast a random spell on the target (e.g. Strangeify or Scruberoo).

The Alien and Mermaid failure outcomes only have a chance to happen if your Sim doesn't know that their target is an Occult. If they are a known Alien or Mermaid, then your Sim won't be able to cast the spell on them at all.

Curing Werewolf curse

This spell only cures sims who are already werewolves and not sims who are in the process of becoming werewolves. You need to do the usual process of the pack to cure sims who have werebies.

Sims can cast De-Werewolrify on Werewolves. This will turn them human against their will. The success of this spell depends on your rank as well as the werewolf's rank and perk.

Wolf Temperaments which will most likely make your spell fail:
- Big Bad Wolf (could easily scare your spellcaster, thus making them fail the spell)
- Survival Instincts (their instincts kicked off when you tried to cure them)

Wolf Dormant Abilities and Perks which will most likely make your spell fail:
- Enhanced Smell
- Super Speed
- Alpha Wolf (No need to explain right?)
- Werewolf Menace (They wolf scared the spellcaster)

When curing, it will say that your sim has taken the Wolf B-gone cure. Didn't find another tuning than this that cures so I went with this.

SuccessTargeted Werewolf becomes human. Your Sim receives a Confident +2 buff for curing a Werewolf. Relationship takes a heavy toll.

- Rolwen_Werewolf_Spell_Werewolrify_CursedBite: When casting the spell on non occult sims, they will begin the werewolf transformation as if they got a Cursed Bite.
- Rolwen_Werewolf_Spell_Werewolrify_Werebies: When casting the spell on non occult sims, they will begin the werewolf transformation as if they got the Werebies. (Meaning you can still cure them after casting the spell)
(Choose only one file)

Available Languages: English, French (thanks Erekio!)

If you notice any issues on the mod, tell me in the comments and I will look at it and fix it!

Special Thanks
- Sims4Studio because they created S4S and I used it to create the mod
- Zero's with their tutorials to create custom spells