Roman Villa (Test of Time Challenge)

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2022 at 10:28 AM
Updated: 30th Jul 2022 at 3:08 AM
Cindy at PleasantSims inspired me to revisit my Test of Time challenge, and instead of playing, I decided to build. Here is a CC-free historically inspired Roman Villa, roughly adapted from archeological knowledge about the architecture. The highest class of Romans, called patricians, lived in villas. Here are some notes about the build:
  • The front two empty rooms would traditionally be rented out as shop space. I recommend your sims open up home businesses there.
  • Bedrooms surrounded an enclosed pool for gathering water, which would not be for swimming but in game, you could add a pool ladder if you so wanted.
  • The main living room, called the triclinium, traditionally had three beds or chairs lined up for socializing. You could easily take out the three reclining chairs and fill it normally, but for historical accuracy, I think it's nice. There's certainly space along the edges of the room to fit in all the skill building objects you might want.
  • Usually the kitchens would be separate in the servants quarters but for the purposes of Sims 2, it is attached to the dining area. You could make the back garden smaller and introduce small servants quarters, which would historically have been at the very bad of the villa.
  • Some villas did use two stories. I haven't put in a second floor but there is definitely space and you could easily fit a staircase in the triclinium. I recommend not putting rooms around the pool/atrium because the lighting will probably be messed up. I have walled off areas to avoid.
  • The lighting will become horribly ugly if you remove the gate or the low white fences beneath the roofing.
I hope this helps some of you ToT'ers! In the future, I might try to make middle class Roman buildings, which were called insulae.