Stop the Phone addiction!

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Uploaded 1st Aug 2022 at 11:51 AM

Sorry for my bad english. I use Google Translator for some parts.

-Day 1 Update. Sims dont walk with their Phones. If they got the comand do go somewhere.

Since the new update, Sims have developed a serious phone addiction. It's not just teenagers anymore who take their selfies in every stupid situation. No, when you command your adult sim to watch tv they instantly surf the web with their phone and I HATE it!

The unwanted phone fiasco is no more with this Mod! Simply put in your Mods folder and the Idle animations are gone for good.
(unless there is an Update that breaks everthing again...)

Keep in mind that these Mod just stops the uncrontrolable Idle animations that you cant see in the Intarctionbar thingie. So sims keep using thir phone for Interactions like "browse the web" or "play games"

What does this mod do?

-Teenager Sims dont make their Selfies idleanimations

-Sims watch TV without playing with their Phones

-Sims are a part of conversations and really listen to you without their phone on their side

This Mod change following Files:




Update One Version also changes:



If this Mod dosent work for you or if i miss something please let me know.