Kitsune Trait Mod Pack

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- COTTAGE LIVING/CATS & DOGS - If you'd like to see a more simpler version for the Kitsune trait without Cottage living/Cats & Dogs, DM me and I will post it after some editing.


What's Included:

Trait in CAS:

Under Lifestyle - Description - The Japanese Fox Spirit, Kitsune is a faithful guardian and divine messenger of Inari, associated with the Harvest. Often, the Kitsune will mimic human form to provide guidance, comfort and messages from the Spirit Realm. Otherwise, Kitsune have been known to be Tricksters, and are particularly talented at all things mischievous.

The Kitsune and The Witch - Also includes an interaction where you can share your bond with a Witch Sim.

Strong-Willed Kitsune - This is applied as soon as the sim is created.

Kindred Animal Spirit - When close to animals.

Nearby Animal Lover - When close to those who appreciate animals.

As shown in images. (If you do your research on the Kitsune Japanese Fox Spirit I'm sure most of this will make more sense <3)


(Friendly) Spiritual Introduction - from being a Kitsune Spirit.

(Friendly) Ask If They Know Kitsune?

(Friendly) Enthuse About Kitsune - Available when friendship develops.

(Mean/Mischief) Call Them Lesser Spirit.

(Friendly) Complain About Human Form - with close friend relationships.

(Friendly) Reveal Kitsune - When friendship level is highest for Kitsune trust.

(Flirty) Foxy Purr etc -Flirt interaction from Kitsune/working on an animation for this.

Lot Trait& Other

The Kitsune's Lair - Add for a playful aura on the lot.

Host Obon Party - A Japanese Festival/Holiday celebrating their ancestors spirits.

Whims - Be MIschieveous/Make A New Friend - Kitsune are sociable creatures, and are also known for their mischief ability.

Skills - Mischief/Charisma/Comedy - Develop these skills faster during your active buffs.

Voice Effect - Ghost - Due to their Spirit Nature (goal: to add an option to turn into Spirit Form).