Is that a Rocket in your pocket?

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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2022 at 1:42 PM
Updated: 15th Aug 2022 at 8:22 AM
It annoyed me that anytime you move house if you put your build/upgraded rocket in the household inventory when you place it on a new lot you have to build it again from scratch!
So I fixed it, all 3 rocketships have interactions for "Put in Inventory" / "Place in World"

Once in your inventory, you can select them and click "Place in World" to have an off-lot rocketship! Once in the world, the rockets will remain built/upgraded as they were even after changing lots.

Overrides version will apply to existing rockets
Standalones version will not apply to existing rockets
Both versions can be purchased in the catalogue under Activities and Skills, Knowledge
I have also made it so they no longer have to be unlocked through gameplay.
This is a simple tuning mod only no custom mesh or recolors

Let me know of other objects you'd like inventory-able to use off lot :D