Trio Lake Sights: Simdringham House

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Uploaded: 14th Aug 2022 at 10:54 PM
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  • This house is planned for three membered family and infant so that might be considered as three-bedroom house. However with all beds for household staff it has total count of 8 beds and one crib.
  • So-called staff rooms are mostly in the attic but there are some others on other floors. Look through all floor plans subscriptions. All household staff for this house are cook, lady's maid, servant, nurse (or nanny), nursemaid and equerries.
  • There are full bathroom and water closet on the first floor, and one bathroom per each Royal family member. Scullery has two toilet stalls. There are five full bathrooms for household and two staff water closets in total.
  • One kitchen
  • Two dining rooms
  • A bunch of private rooms
  • Entertaining: library, billiards room and even bowling which even came out historically accurate.
  • Ballroom is dressed for Christmas as somethin which could suit real Sandringham House.
  • All flowers and all bushes are accessible for trimming without any mods. Real life house has a beautiful garden to the north. This sims version has no those garden. Both this and real houses has no outdoor lighting.
  • Obviously this house shares the strict rules of my Victorian neighborhood. It has no TVs and no computers. There is a huge amount of fireplaces and absolutely no smoke detectors. Same with burglar alarms along with a lot of rich furnishing (wealthy Victorians used dogs and guardians u'know?). There is more information about Trio Lake Borough rules in my Creators Feedback Forum thread.

No CC was used

There are various CC mods used and shown up in screens but not mandatory to install:
I have used only object fixes for in-game items and global lighting mods. They are not included with package and not necessary for install since these are not affect the gameplay. But you may need them to reach same appearance of this lot in your game. Here is the list:There is another mod should have been useful M&G Round Glass Window fix. I found it just recently so it's not shown on shots.

General tips to place and use the lot:
  • Install using default Sims 2 Pack Installer or S2PCI
  • Download CC of your choice and place it according to its description.
  • The house is overwhelmed with furnishing and has CFE-d roofs. I suggest you to play with ceilings turned off and all the furnishing visible on playable level only.
  • Usually all my houses have one pool which is required for custom water shaders to work. But this house does not.
  • Unfurnished version has wall mounted mirrors set and all curtains which covers walls openings.
  • Sims are not considered to live under CFE-d roofs, and all CFE-d weather-no-proof roofs are covering non-living attics with stone walls and gravel. But attics are walk-through so sims can reach any rooftop piece.
  • If you want to mess with roofs, there are markers on different levels with repositoried heights of CFE-d roofs. It is mostly in towers and near the eaves. I left it just in case. There are two blue floor markers and four red ones. Here is the description picture.

Known bugs, issues and tips:
  • Keep in mind that house has a lot of decoration. And most visual glitches might come from this. I has 3 years old laptop, it rankles me of stepped rotation. House was playtested with copy.
  • I showed in this picture the most common visual glitches noticed. If you have any way to fix this, then let me know.

  • 17.08.22: few tweaks in thread description
  • 12.09.22: few tweaks in thread description
Regards. Vic ^_^

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Features: N/A

Lot Size: 3x5
Lot Price (furnished): $1.000.000
Lot Price (unfurnished): $349.815

Additional Credits:
MTS staff