PSBs From Planter’s Paradise Recolors Fix

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Uploaded: 20th Aug 2022 at 9:12 PM
Updated: 27th Oct 2022 at 7:02 PM
Originally, flowers in the planter box PSBs From Planter's Paradise from Mansion & Garden Stuff are always purple and pink (as long as you don't use default replacement textures) in the neighborhood view no matter what colors they are in the lot view. With this mod, flower colors in the neighborhood view match their colors in the lot view.

This mod must load before default replacement textures for PSBs From Planter's Paradise.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
sculpturePlanterbox_tslocator_gmndGeometric Node0x7BA3838C0x1C0532FA0xFF7F3B050x85901593
sculptureplanterbox-foliagelod90-dm1_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFFF5AAA60x87423695
sculptureplanterbox-foliagelod90-dm3_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF987CDC0xB1122C65
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