Raw Meat Is NOT Junk Food!!

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2022 at 3:03 PM
Werewolves go out into the forests everywhere in the Sim world to hunt their prey.. Serene moonlight shine over the dark world as they hunt until they get some fresh food to bring home.

Oh look at those stacks of fresh... RAW... meat..

Nom nom!! These steaks are soooo tasty!! So delicious!

Wait a minute...

Why do these poor Werewolves gain the "Junk Food Fiend" lifestyle eating raw meat??


These poor Werewolves work so hard... to stay in shape by avoiding junk food and pursuing fitness activities and eating healthy food (aka RAW MEAT).. For them to only to end up with the crazy "Junk Food Fiend" lifestyle!

In the unmodded game:

Werewolves (and Sims who love eating raw meat) will gain this lifestyle from Snowy Escape called "Junk Food Fiend" from eating raw meat. This lifestyle will appear if the Werewolf (or the raw meat-loving Sim) eats a lot of raw meat they get from their hunts.

Raw meat is considered by the game as junk food.

In the modded game:

Werewolves (and those raw meat-loving Sims) will NOT gain this ridiculous lifestyle from eating a lot of raw meat. This lifestyle will NOT appear period.

Raw meat is no longer considered by the game as junk food.

Werewolves, rejoice!!! No longer will your fresh, delicious stacks of RAW MEAT be junk food!!!

Personal Note:

I came across this annoying issue in my game when my Werewolf went on a lot of hunts to get fresh raw meat for dinner. After a while, I noticed my Sim gaining the "Junk Food Fiend" lifestyle and wondered how this happened. My Sim didn't like eating a lot of cooked food including junk food.

My line of thinking is that raw ingredients are.. simply raw ingredients. If raw meat is an ingredient used in cooking, then raw meat should be considered as an ingredient, NOT junk food. I don't understand what the game developers were thinking when they came up with this line of thinking that raw meat is junk food...

So, I did an online search for a mod addressing this issue, but THEN I came across this thread at the official Sims website (EA) where two players mentioned this issue back in June. Over there, the issue seemed unresolved, and nothing new was posted since then.

After seeing that the issue has not been addressed by EA there, I dove into the game files for a couple hours to find the culprit causing Sims to gain this lifestyle. I finally pinpointed the issue to one file, a recipe causing the game to view raw meat as junk food. I edited the problematic file and spent an hour testing this new mod to make sure my Werewolf didn't gain this stupid lifestyle again.

I did check another similar recipe called "raw fish". This one does not affect any of the lifestyles available in Snowy Escape.

Before I put this mod out for everyone's enjoyment in their games, I looked around to make sure there isn't another mod doing the same thing addressing this issue in the game.

Install Instructions:

Put the mod into a subfolder of the Mods folder -or- put the mod into the Overrides subfolder of the Mods folder. If the mod is put into the Overrides folder, it will override the recipe used in other mods. No conflicts were observed during testing.

Game Packs:

Snowy Escape has the lifestyles including the horrible Junk Food Fiend lifestyle. Werewolves has the werewolves who love going out on their solo/pack hunts for food.

I don't know if Sims gain this awful lifestyle from eating raw meat without the Werewolves pack or not.

If you have both packs installed, you will get the benefit from using this mod.