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Arma III -> Sims 3: Combat Goggles

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2022 at 7:53 PM
Note: When viewed in CAS, there will be minor graphical errors on the straps, as seen in the last two images. This however will appear correctly once in game.

Arma III's combat goggles painstakingly ported into The Sims 3's engine and modified to fit as needed. Comes in two versions, one which uses The Sims 3's lens shaders (which are extremely reflective outside by the way), and a slightly more realistic, albeit kinda ugly, "opaque" version.
Both versions have two recolorable channels, the straps and the frame.

Currently only available for males, teen - elder.

Model Info:
On the higher end for what it is (3,528 vertices)

Bohemia Interactive - Original mesh & textures
Me - Porting/Modifying

Additional Credits:
Skintone - F-IN01 TS3 default replacement FULL FAMILY v2