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Solid Color Wallpaper

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2022 at 5:35 AM
Have you ever wanted to make a screenshot in Sims 4, and edit the background, but didn't have a good in-game background or wallpaper to remove? With these solid color wallpapers, you can finally do this! It not only includes a green wallpaper, but 48 other colors, so you can get the best experience editing out the background! You can also use them to color your house, make it really bright to make you and your sims blind, or just make it completely black. The choice is yours!

Can be found in build mode - wall patterns, and costs 1 simoleon per wall.

Recommendation: make a room, fill it with the first green color, and light it up, so that no shadows will be cast on the wall from the ground, and the wall can be well seen. This way, you can prevent problems in editing.