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Journalism Career V1.2

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Uploaded: 8th Sep 2022 at 11:44 AM
Updated: 22nd Dec 2022 at 3:51 AM
*UPDATED FOR GAME PATCH - PC: / Mac: November 11th, 2022*


My apologies for taking SO long to come out with an update. This update fixes a few small issues such as typos, duplicate interactions, and I reworked how the trait gets added. Once you complete the "Intern" level, you will gain the journalist trait! It was to buggy before so this is the next best solution! If there are things I missed, which is possible. It is only me that works on these mods, let me know! - Zeph

I am happy to present to you a brand new career for the sims 4! Journalism! As a journalist, you need to work very hard! Your skills will be tested. Quite literally. This career is quite vast. There are 6 levels before the branch which has 3 choices: Public Relations, Radio and TV, and Print and Online.

As you enter the journalist career, your sim will acquire a brand new trait. The journalist trait. Everyone has to start somewhere. You start your journey by becoming an intern! Eventually, you will work your way up higher and higher on the career ladder which will also unlock brand new social interactions that will have objectives for you to finish!

Back to the new trait, being a journalist also adds a few benefits! You will benefit with increased skill gains with the following skills (Writing, Photography, Programming, Charisma, and Logic). Another thing, the trait also gives your journalist some random buffs which also has a hidden social interaction each that only show up when your sim has said buff!